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We create unique kick-ass furniture based on recycled and durable materials


We love to design and customize any interior item on your personal wishes based on the raw materials on hand


We build one-of-a-kind interior items based on sustainable materials


You can hire us to support you in designing, developing and creating items based on sustainable resources


Buying furniture nowadays is like buying clothes, its (rather) cheap, easy and delivered to your doorstep in a split second in case you buy online.
Let’s call it “Fast Furniture”.
What about it? It’s nice, fits to the latest interior trends, looks good, is brand new and hopefully gives you a good feeling (for the moment) etc.
But have you ever concidered the impact on the environment? Where was it made? Under which circumstances? By whom? Did it (or parts of it) travelled half the planet to reach your house?

De passie van Ed van de Gaar from ware helden on Vimeo.

Running Projects

We hope you are delighted and inspired by our work so far. See below our running projects on Instagram


We are more than happy to deliver tailor made interior items based on your demands. We can support you in designing, developing and creating customized interior items based on recycled raw materials. We do not aim to serve only privat persons, but also want to convince companies to invest in sustainable furniture. How awesome to have a unique interior item wearing your brand?

We are looking forward to our collaboration.

Feel free to contact us for any details or questions!


Inspired by an industrial style, we like to design and create kick-ass furniture and other interior items with pure, fair and durable raw materials. We carefully source our raw materials from their last station on earth; IRON from the scrap yard and WOOD via old furniture which is aimed to be disposed. Via this way we like to contribute to minimizing our footprint, but also add kick ass items to the world. We use solar power to keep our power tools running and try to use and buy second hand machinery. When it comes to finishing (painting etc) we try to make a right balance between durability and sustainability. We hope the craftmanship and uniqueness of our products are valued so we all can have a better future!


Driving force behind PROJECT-81

After a few years working in the commercial sector, I realized the work I performed did not fullfill my needs and did not add value to our world. I had a strong drive to create and develop, combined with a sustainable contribution towards our (direct) environment. With PROJECT-81, I will use my creative skills and sustainable mindset to turn old abandoned materials into durable, functional and cool interior items.


Below you will find more details on succesful projects, click on the image for more information

8th jun 20

Green metal cupboard

– SOLD – Do you love green 💚♻️….? This precious metal cabinet was in...
14th mei 20

Industrial design display cabinet

– FOR SALE – Proudly I present one of the latest projects, this metal...
5th mei 20

Metal based tripod side tables

– FOR SALE – Based on some metal tripods used in a construction company,...
5th mei 20

Industrial oak coffee table

Based on a customer request we build a coffee table in same layout as...
25th feb 20

Old FORD cupboard

– FOR SALE – This blue 💙 metal cabinet is based on an old...
25th feb 20

Industrial design lamps

For this project, we decided to make an interior article instead of furniture. Both...
7th jan 20

Antique transport box

– FOR SALE – This antique transport box had in her previous life brown...
28th dec 19

Industrial cupboard desk

– FOR SALE – Based on an old Army cupboard, this unique furniture piece...
25th dec 19

Industrial oak table

– Customer request – This oak table was build on customer request. The legs...
16th nov 19

Industrial side table

– SOLD – Based on an old cupboard, this side table got the industrial...
26th okt 19

Vintage box

– SOLD – This box came on my path during another buy. Although it...
15th okt 19

Oval Cast Iron Dinner Table

– SOLD – Based on an old cast iron laundry folding machine and an...
17th sep 19

Black metal lockers

– ONLY 1 LEFT FOR SALE – With keeping the original origin in mind,...
8th sep 19


– PRIVAT ITEM – This light box was made from old scrap wood, an...
8th sep 19


– PRIVAT ITEM – This blue metal locker was an old tool cabinet. To...
8th sep 19

Coffee table

– FOR SALE – This coffee table is made from an old door which...
6th sep 19


– FOR SALE – This Castrol stool is made from a 20L Castrol can,...

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