Monthly Archives: september 2019

Black metal lockers

– ONLY 1 LEFT FOR SALE – With keeping the original origin in mind, these metal lockers are transformed into cupboards that do look cool into your interior. Next to the black rough color, both lockers are completed with some oak shelves on top. The big locker has some additional shelves in the middle cupboard which gives you the option to showcase some items beautifully. The doors of the cupboards are completed with handmade handles and hand painted numbers, which […]


– PRIVAT ITEM – This light box was made from old scrap wood, an old christmass light chain, a small part of left over plexiglass and an old metal door handle. By combining all ingredients a nice interior article was born. You can use prefab letters to make a nice sentence, or draw with a white board marker on the plexiglass.


– PRIVAT ITEM – This blue metal locker was an old tool cabinet. To get the old finish it was grinded to a level where the bare metal appeared. The top of the locker was enriched with an oak wooden plank, coming from a kitchen top. The inner side was coated mat black and two oak shelves where made in order to have more storage capacity and to get an awesome contrast with the blackness inside.

Coffee table

– FOR SALE – This coffee table is made from an old door which was used in a typical ’30 year dutch building. Due to the several layers of paint, the trashy look reveals itselves. As it was a door with a window inside, I trimmed the wood which was used to hold the glass into wood pieces to cover the uneven part of the door. A burning technique reveals the wood structure even more. In case you are interested, […]


– FOR SALE – This Castrol stool is made from a 20L Castrol can, oak wood coming from old furniture and iron from the scrap yard. You can use the stool as a small table to display some nice small items, store some small items under the lid, or use the wooden top to sit on it. In case you are interested, please send me an email ( Dimensions: Stool height: 54cm, Diameter: 32cm. Side table height: 30cm, diameter: 32cm.