Monthly Archives: februari 2020

Old FORD cupboard

FOR SALE   –   €420,- (incl. VAT) This blue 💙 metal cabinet is based on an old tool cabinet originated from a local FORD factory. Originally it had doors on both sides and no shelves which you can see on one of the pictures. We transferred one back panel into shelves and replaced the metal top with an ♻️ak top. All the attached items where removed to give it a slim design. One of the nice features is that you can […]

Industrial design lamps

SOLD   –   Customer order For this project, we decided to make an interior article instead of furniture. Both lamps are based on (almost 💡) 100% ♻️ raw materials. For the lamp with the wooden legs we used some wood leftovers, old wire and lamp socket, an cast aluminum bin (which apparently was used in a butchery in his previous life) and some other small items. For the (almost) full metal lamp, we used a metal bolt and nut from an […]