By using old massive (mainly oak) furniture as a base for our unique items, we often have leftover wood pieces that have no new function in the new item. These leftover pieces are normally rather small, but can have awesome shapes or surface appearance. In order to avoid to send these pieces into waste (or burn them), we created the WAST3D product line (in fact: NOT wasted)

Products in the WAST3D product line are leftovers from our product process that get a new life into another application.

Nice example are the oak tapas boards, we already produced frequently. These boards are made out of table legs or cut offs in our proces and shaped into nice boards with a variety of appearances and always unique.

Other items that are made out of scrap metal are can openers from spark plugs, and flower pots from old gas bottles.

More items will be developed in due time, stay tuned. For more info contact us.