What drives us

Buying furniture nowadays is like buying clothes, its (rather) cheap, easy and delivered to your doorstep in a split second in case you buy online.

Let’s call it “Fast Furniture”.

What about it? It’s nice, fits to the latest interior trends, looks good, is brand new and hopefully gives you a good feeling (for the moment) etc.
But have you ever concidered the impact on the environment? Where was it made? Under which circumstances? By whom? Did it (or parts of it) travelled half the planet to reach your house?

What did you do with the old piece of furniture which was (potentially) replaced? Could you sell it second hand? Or was it send to the junkjard, where a lot of furniture ends up nowadays. Did you knew that in Australia for instance, each household disposes 24kg of furniture? 2/3 is wooded furniture. The is annually 1.65 million dining tables, 3.4 million coffee tables or 6.85 million chairs, thrown away every year.
PROJECT-81 creates unique furniture based on old (massive) wooden furniture which has the nomination to have a one way direction to the junkyard. Next to this wood, also reclaimed metall from the junkyard is used. Both recycled materials are combined to harmony in unique, sustainable furniture with kickass looks.
As the furniture is based on wood and metall, they last for decades. Next to this they always can be recycled in a new furniture piece or in other applications. To support the recycling, PROJECT-81 offers you cradle2cradle options for the bought furniture.
So, in case you are looking for a “new” piece of furniture, reconsider a piece made by PROJECT-81 or please buy a second hand one via the regular channels.

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