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     View this post on Instagram Congrats to Krista with her new optics and lifestyle store @1131_optieklifestyle . Happy we could make this nice furniture items for your new store. Good luck 🍀! A post shared by PR♻️JECT-81 (@project81.evdg) on Sep 11, 2020 at 1:17pm PDT  


     View this post on Instagram Final details on the antique cupboard I transformed recently in my heritage/heirloom series….. In case you are interested, or in case you would to have a transformation on one of your own furniture items….please contact me! Dimensions on this particular one: height: 83cm, length: 122cm, depth: 60cm Enjoy your evening! 🧡 -P81- A post shared by PR♻️JECT-81 (@project81.evdg) on Sep 13, 2020 at 12:11pm PDT  


     View this post on Instagram RAW and industrial…that is the look of this small bench. The machine green color 💚 matches beautifully with the ♻️oak bench top…..and of course the unique patina that comes with the origin and age of the frame. Will it fit in your interior? It’s for sale, so please DM me in case you are interested 😊. Dimensions: Height: 40cm, Depth: 26cm, Length: 101cm. Enjoy your evening! 🧡- P81 – A post shared by […]


          View this post on Instagram Looking for a small table, but with a big capacity? This table could suit your needs…..with a standard length of 136cm it can host 4persons and extended even 6persons with 176cm. The width is 76cm. I challenged myself to come up with a different and unique design for a typical table setup…and glad with the outcome. This table is for sale, so please contact me in case you are interested […]


            View this post on Instagram Looking for unique lighting? Several items are still available, like this #steampunk style streetlight lamp…which can be seen @toost_drink_and_dine. Looking for something special, just contact us to see if we can help you! Enjoy your evening! 🧡 -P81- A post shared by PR♻️JECT-81 (@project81.evdg) on Aug 25, 2020 at 11:33am PDT


    View this post on Instagram PROJECT81 congrats @toost_drink_and_dine with the “official” start of the new location. Very happy with our cooperation! Let’s rock!🔥 🧡 P-81 A post shared by PR♻️JECT-81 (@project81.evdg) on Jun 1, 2020 at 2:47am PDT  

Green metal cupboard

– SOLD – Do you love green 💚♻️….? This precious metal cabinet was in her previous life a cupboard for electricity and stuff (and later used to store tools at a school for craftsmanship). After cleaning, stripping and sanding, the cupboard was ready to get some fine oak shelves (which can be modified in position). After that she got her new green coat…. This cupboard has found a new owner already, but in case you like such a cupboard in […]

Industrial design display cabinet

– FOR SALE – Proudly I present one of the latest projects, this metal display cabinet based on an old electrical cupboard. As the cupboard was used to store tools in a school for craftsmanship, it had some wear and tear. This forced me to paint it completely, but with keeping the scars…which is part of the P81 furniture (give respect to each defect). But after, part removing (at least one door), grinding and sanding, the new shape of the […]

Metal based tripod side tables

– FOR SALE – Based on some metal tripods used in a construction company, these side tables were designed. The legs with beautiful patina were combined with round oak tops, based on old oak shelves. The raw tripod legs combined with the round tops result into a pure and minimalistic side table that will fit in various interiors.

Industrial oak coffee table

Based on a customer request we build a coffee table in same layout as previous delivered dinner table (See post Industrial Oak dinner table). As a base we started with the top of an old oak dinner table (last picture) and existing U-shape metal legs from a different coffee table. The oak table top is sanded, burned and two metal strips are used as inlay. The U-shaped legs are made smaller and turned upside down to fit under the new […]